Fidutia et Ensis | About us / Tax Advice. Accounting and Labour Consulting. Handling of Deeds.
Fidutia is the most prominent law firm of Palma de Mallorca. Account with the best specialists in law labour, Fiscal, accounting, administrative and handling of Deeds.
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About Fidutia et Ensis Tax Consultants

Founded in 2006  «Fidutia et Ensis Tax Consultants»  is located in the city center of Palma, in an area strategically located very close to public administrations, notaries, property registries and other professional offices.


From the moment of its formation this office has been offering comprehensive advice to all clients. To achieve this it relies on the professional experience of all members of capacity and leveraging external collaboration of the best professionals in order to offer services that can not pay directly, such as notaries, lawyers, engineers, architects, computer, insurance agents and a long list of individuals and entities that make our customers can have centralized all their affairs in our office.